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Episode 5. Chris Christie for President in 2016: "Will You Shut Up, I'm the Governor"

During a town hall meeting, New Jersey governor Chris Christie lost his temper at a law student and called the guy an IDIOT. Then he says the way he communicate works. What?

Episode 4. Bush'es Regrets over the Iraq War

In this exclusive interview with former president George W. Bush, Bush reveals what he regrets over the Iraq War, and talks about what he expected when he started the war more than a decade ago.

Episode 3. And the Oscar Goes to Kim Jong Un ("The Interview" with "Kim Jong Un")

Kim Jong Un from North Korea plans a terrorist attack on Academy Award Ceremony. Why? He played the role of Kim Jong Un in the movie "The Interview" by stealing the identity of Randall Park. He thinks he deserves Academy Awards, now he is upset that he is not nominated for any.

Episode 2. North Korea is Better Than the U.S. (Comedy on North Korea)

An American named Arturo Pierre Martinez from Texas entered North Korea illegally by swimming cross a river from China. A couple years ago, he attempted to enter North Korea by swimming from South Korea, but got caught. Wow, how determined he is. For someone, North Korea is better place to live than the U.S.

Episode 1. The One and Only Kim Jong Un (Comedy on North Korea)

North Korea banned its people from using the same name as "Kim Jong Un". People with same name had to change their name no matter how long they have been using. Should there be better ways than doing this again and again?