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An Americaned entered North Korea illegally and denounced the US Government

Arturo Pierre Martinez from Texas entered North Korea illegally by swimming across a river from China. A couple years ago, he attempted to enter North Korea from South Korea, but got caught. For Mr.Martinez, North Korea is better place to live than the U.S.

Watch the video on YouTube:

On Dec 14th 2014, The Washington Post reported as follows.

Just weeks after three Americans detained in North Korea were released, a U.S. citizen has shown up in the repressive state, appearing on television to denounce his home country as a "mafia enterprise" and call American democracy "an illusion."

Although details remain sketchy, it seems that the man, Arturo Pierre Martinez of El Paso, willingly went to North Korea. He says he is not being detained.

At a news conference Sunday morning in Pyongyang, Martinez vigorously criticized the United States for alleged human rights violations.

But his mother, Patricia Eugenia Martinez, told CNN that her 29-year-old son has bipolar disorder and previously tried to enter North Korea by swimming across a river, but was apprehended and sent back to the United States, where he was treated at a psychiatric hospital in California.

South Korean marines arrested an American in September after catching him trying to swim across the Han River border into North Korea. The man was said to be in his early 30s, but no further details emerged. It is not clear whether that person was Martinez.

On the same day, The Guardian reported as follows.

North Korea on Sunday presented to the media an American man who says he illegally crossed into the country but has not been put into custody and is seeking asylum in Venezuela.

Arturo Pierre Martinez, 29, of El Paso, Texas, said he entered North Korea by crossing the river border with China. Details of how and when he got into the country were not immediately clear.

In his comments to reporters, Martinez strongly criticized the US for alleged human rights violations.

Martinez's mother, Patricia Eugenia Martinez of El Paso, told CNN that her son was bipolar and earlier had tried to enter North Korea by swimming across a river, but was stopped and shipped back to the United States, where he was placed in a California psychiatric hospital.

Here I come.

According to a recent report, a US citizen named Arturo Pierre Martinez entered North Korea illegally and held a press conference denouncing US political and economic systems.

I "LOVE" this story. First of all, Mr. Martinez, you take a bow cuz you deserve applause on your new job as a PR specialist in North Korea. Finding a good paying job is not easy nowadays. You worked hard, really, and it paid off.

But, um, can I ask you a question, Mr. Martinez? But why? WHY? What made you wanna be an illegal immigrant in North Korea out of so many better options out there? You passed all the tough security tests, and became an employee of North Korea government. I mean... why?

I admire your strong determination. This was your second time attempting to enter North Korea. That was a bold move, trying to cross the river from South Korea. True, you got caught. But I admire your balls, Michael Phelps. That waterway is even blocked for fish. You know what's in that water? The water that you went swimming? Mines, my friend. MINES.

Listen, since you made it through, I want to give you some tips for your new life in North Korea.

The average North Korean makes less than $2000 per year compared to $53000 here in the US. So even if you get paid maybe $20000 a year, get in touch with your gratitude. You will be able to drive a Mercedes.

Also, learn the different titles of Kim's family. Kim Il Sung's Great Leader, Kim Jong Il's Dear Leader, and Kim Jong Un, their current 26-years-old, is called Supreme Leader. Great, Dear and Supreme. I know it's confusing, but you better get them right, if you don't wanna get "fired".

If you feel sympathy with your fellow Americans here, please share any tips or information on North Korea what you learn there. Share your salary information on, Facebook friend us, and post job openings on That's if only you can access the internet by any chance. Good luck with that.

As a pioneer of American life in North Korea, I wish you the best of luck. And don't forget to file your tax return! You are eligible for moving expense deduction!