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And the Oscar Goes to... Kim Jong Un!

What what? We just found out that it was Kim Jong Un himself who played Kim Jong Un in the movie, "The Interview". Then where was Randalll Park the whole time? Kim says that he'll bomb the Dolby Theater unless the Academy nominates him as Best Actor. Oh no, not again.

Watch the video on YouTube:

Here I come.

According to our unauthorized source, who we cant' share with you, it was confirmed that it was Kim Jong Un himself who played the role of the North Korea dictator, Kim Jong Un in the movie, "The interview".

Wait a minute, what? So, Kim Jong Un from North Korea played Kim Jong Un in the movie?

Kim disappeared for 40 days last September. Some say he had ankle surgery during that time, but my secret source told me he was busy shooting the movie in Hollywood. He had disappeared a couple of times before. One time he was spotted having plastic surgery. But why? A very obvious reason. He wanted to make sure that he didn't look like himself in the audition room. Think of what would happen if people saw him walking into an audition room.

What? Call this number to connect to a high profile person in North Korea?

Kim: Hey, who is this?

Sora: This is Sora, calling from New York, I was asked...

Kim: Oh. I am the supreme leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Sora: You mean North Korea? Are you... Kim Jong Un?

Kim: Show your respect! Call me Supreme Leader.

Sora: Oh... OK. Did you ask me to call you?

Kim: Yes. I didn't want to pay for the international phone call, also we get money from all incoming calls.

Sora: You are cheap. Excuse me, supreme leader, you sound very strange.

Kim: It is my country's most innovated invention. I type and the computer speaks for me, to hide my identity.

Sora: So, was it really you playing Kim Jong Un in the movie "The Interview"?

Kim: Yes, it was me. Did you watch it?

Sora: Nope. What made you play the role?

Kim: It was the first step to ruling the world, and my country needed some dollars too. I'm Supreme leader, supreme great actor, and I love supreme pizza.

Sora: I see. Then, what happened to Randall Park? Everyone thought he was playing you.

Kim: That's easy.

Kim: I just stole his identity.

Sora: Did you just hack my studio?

Kim: Yes. I can hack any computer. And you know why? I am not nominated for Academy Awards! This totally doesn't make sense. I should win Best Actor!

Sora: Hey, calm down. Your role was supporting. You can't be nominated for best actor to begin with.

Kim: Don't call me Hey. And I'm not even nominated for the supporting actor? You know, only thing worth money in the movie was MY ACTING. I saved the movie. And this is what I get? I will bomb the Award ceremony.

Sora: No! What if I vote for you for SAG awards? I am a SAG member.

Kim: What is SAG?

Sora: It is a union of screen actors.

Kim: UNION? I hate unions. Unions suck.

Sora: OK. By the day, did you watch my previous episodes on YouTube?

Kim: I banned YouTube in my country. If people watch YouTube, my internet connection gets extremely slow.

Kim: America! I will do my revenge. I will be back.

Sora: Oops. He goes just like that. I hope he wins Oscar someday.

And... the Oscar goes to... Kim Jong Un!

This is Sora from New York City! Thank you very much for watching.