"This heart-rending piece will introduce you to an unpleasant and uncomfortable reality: the painful price of freedom in North Korea"

- Tom Block, International human rights art festival Founder & Executive Director

"...is not only excellent, it is an important tool to teach people about the North Korean human rights situation"

- Henry Song, Founder and Executive Director of The Song Foundation for North Korea Human Rights

"...one of the most powerful events I have brought to my campus... incredible..."

I would recommend that any school or university that is able to bring Sora Baek to their campus to do so. The experience that both her performance and her knowledge as a panelist can bring to a community is crucial in order to help students gain a better understanding of the reality for so many North Koreans.

The Women's Center
William Paterson University

...a powerful, riveting experience... a beautiful show that discusses the much overlooked experience of the North Korean defector, and is a must-see performance!

Nuu Grenier, M. Ed.
William Paterson University

...outstanding depiction of the experience... captivating... thought provoking... opened our students mind as well as their heart to the pain and courage of a people fighting for freedom. I highly recommend...!

Frances Robinson, LMSW
Kingsborough Community College